PermPus is a great place on the internet you can be surfing wisely and making income from it!

It’s Built by Server Gurd Inc, registered under the Joint license of ZaacWilliam Inc, the platform was founded in 19 September, 2019.

An initiative presented by Zaac William Inc, to help bring every human to the pace.

PermPus is greatly surrounded by lot[s] of supporters and teams, who are always ready to look for or and attend to your possible attention[s].

Our Goals: Since we’ve got so much brands and supporters this is why had practically put up a way to get through with giving back to the people!

Our mission: We’ve the plan in reaching out to about 1 million people paid every month and 36 billion people every year! Part of our goal is getting everyone in the world connected to

PermPus is not ending anytime soon as we are hoping that we become one of the biggest social media platform in the world, we hope we make everyone smile using at least if you can’t be a millionaire don’t be that BROKE!

Our Vision: Permpus is a WIN-WIN body, the truth must be told we also get something even if it won’t be as much as the one we give out to people but still something is drawing up to our pockets too! 

Our Privacy & policies: We might accept, collect some of your personal information and data[s] but we won’t make use of it without your permission or consent.

We do not keep or store your passwords, usernames, emails and other vital information.

Our Revenues: As Our partner, and or valued member making more than $30k monthly might be possible these are depend on how many page viewers we’ve monthly, weekly and daily and it’s detailed here how you too will be able to withdraw and make your revenues.!

Country or Regions: Since now that you can access our website from your country/home town then you can participate in revenue shares!

Teams & Technicals: Our website is hosted and secured with chromeis and hostgator, we might swipe into any of these services if we’ve got delays on one or the the two!

Our technologies are managed and engaged trustworthly with Server Gurd D C U…

And very soon we might run or release our API documentation so users can always login on all of there favorites websites using

Terms and conditions: Sometimes we might in anyway amend or change our terms and [or] conditions this isn’t stable USUALLY WE DON’T, sometimes we’re always forced to change due to governmental rights, advertisers rights, supporters rights, marketers rights AND many more!

Our Current Statistics:  Currently, we’ve had about 28k+ members, 3000+ daily page viewers, 100k+ posts, articles and comments. We’ve currently paid out closely $80k usd since September 2019.