Reach Wider Scale: Move Your Business To Next Level (See the magic), we take advantage of our families by displaying/serving your ads appropriately to everyone visiting…

Our Strategies

We have several ways of displaying your adverts, it might be in banners ads various in sizes, square ⬜ Rectangles ⬜⬜, pop-ups, videos, and many more depending on your styles

  • The video ads are or shouldn’t be a more than 3-5mins might includes voice/audios or not!
  • Ads must not contain adult content

Reaching your goals : You’d need to select when creating your ads if you want it on every website and not only us,

  1. You can choose if you want it on every page in only,
  2. You can choose if you want it only on any of our particular categories or tags

Your Advert Result

It’s promising, but we assure you a better result has we’ve over 18000+ users with 100,000+ daily page views 

Our Pricing

We charge based on CPV & CPC, the cpcc