Been over a year since November 2019 PermPus brought to you the initial thinking of a platform that can earn from G-ads & many other advertising companies.. From this is where we want all/most of our amiable members to benefit from. It’s been a while since we started though some of our earliest members that have not followed up with the guidelines early stated might have been into.

Looking at things after lots of strategies, we bring to you NEVER FALL from earning strategy on these one you earn daily for doing your choice of activity daily which could be ;

  • Reading of posts (most people use this),
  • Commenting (only 5% use this) , 
  • Sharing of posts (averagely used)

HUGE TIPS: When you interact very well with a website you’re making money for the site’s owner “that is if the site is powered by Advertising agencies (mostly Google ads and co)” … Those ads are not expected to be clicked on in other to make more money for the site owners. 

Just your impressions is huge and enough for the blog/site owners, most of your favorites news/blogs or generally entertaining blogs/sites have never thought of earn you what we’ve thought.

Here on we collect a token as a membership fee which might varies depending on your power and affordability. is free to all readers/users but some interesting parts such as the earning cash part requires you to have a membership

With your registration/subscription fee: we utilize it in a simple way which are:-

  1. 15% for the person that refered: its actually not necessary you refer but letting people get to know us is worth rewarding,
  2. 10% for coupon vendors per code sold: you must have bought the one-time vendor membership here before start (limited access!) 
  3. 25% on bitcoin investments: which is totally one of the most fast yielding invest,
  4. 20% on other cryptocurrencies: even though bitcoin may be low for a month ethereum and others will not! so we’ll put part of your money here to!
  5. Last and not the least is 30% on forex  Trading: with our forex team Delefx and we’re in anticipation for 30% of all our investments.
  6. Ads Revenue: we know some times investments might not prompt as expected that’s why we will alternatively pay you with all our Google adsense earnings incase we run into issues like this, month end we get paid so far we reached $1000 minimum payment threshold which can be reach in 5 days or less! Although our numbered of page views determines.

We reward our users for interacting with the site earnings are earned in USD($), World  generally spent currency so it means you can join from anywhere in the world! 

  • As a SMART membership plan owner You earn: $0.35 daily, and $10.4 monthly. 
  • As a BRUISE membership plan owner You earn: $0.65 daily, and $19.5 monthly. 
  • As a GIANTY membership plan owner You earn: $1.3 daily, abd $39 monthly. 
  • As a LEGEND membership plan owner You earn: $4.34 daily and $130 monthly. 
  • As a GHOST membership plan owner You earn: $6.50 daily and $195 monthly. 
  • As a RIPPLE membership plan owner You earn: $10.84 daily, and $325 monthly. 
  • As a MRBOSS membership plan owner You earn: $15.17 daily, and $455 monthly. 
  • As a THELORD membership plan owner You earn: $850 daily and $36.84 monthly. 

OUR GAIN/INCOME FOR RUNNING THIS BUSINESS : Our site is very much powered by many advertisers which are direct from owners totally you can see how much we charge for ads here.

Therefore those ads revenues are what we use to pay our staffs and workers also from it is what we use to maintain the website/app status.


Getting started, firstly you’ll need to have selected a membership package of your choice and capabilities from HERE which prices are;


Each Levels has there Cash out amount minimum or Limits and they are according to the above image :-

  • INVEST: is the amount you pay to buy a particular membership while
  • CASHOUT: means the total amount of money made at the of the month after fully doing activities!

HOW TO WITHDRAW:  1. You must first set a pin for your withdrawal this is to follow the withdrawal regulations and you inserting your pin the system will believe the account belongs to you then approve immediately the input amount of USD and also log a transaction history reference as a Debit transaction. 2. Create an EVUX.COM.NG account through our affiliated link here make sure to use an email account you can remember. 3. Click on Cashout button on your dashboard ps:- on your due date, then enter your EVUX.COM.NG email and cross check every details and information then hit the CASHOUT button!. 4. Open your EVUX.COM.NG account and transfer your money into anywhere (bank or wallet) in the world and you can even use it there! 

CASHOUT TIMEFRAME: Kindly run a quick help if your money isn’t sent to your EVUX.COM.NG account after 5secs of you clicking on cashout button


REGISTRATION/MEMBERSHIP: Registration is easy as ABC, meanwhile having a membership account means you want to take part in the earning and it will cost you $8 – $1000 (depends on your choice of packages) you can proceed with that Here!…

HOW TO REGISTER: You must have bought coupons codes from vendors or agent listed here, ready to pay with cards, or contact admin here..

You’ll need also  to have an android phone, email account ,durable  internet connection..