How To Earn $30 to $100 or even more monthly, at no cost for registering or sign up


Below is how wonderful permers can be unlimitedly earning on the number one free platform in Africa generally known as “”. I’ll be stating some ways and how it will work for you all to start earning greatly!

Firstly, to become a part in these it’s practically FREE at no cost/amount although there’s an opportunity to upgrade your account to PREMIUM which has more and more added values plus options!

Mind you it’s not compulsory you upgrade just that when you upgrade you’ll have more access to amount you can earn and amount you can withdraw! 

Earnings, withdrawal, Narration plus exchange terms and  Policies…

The Earnings chart 📊 is standardly written below in addition to what you do to earn them :

  1. Registration: When you registered you’ll immediately get ¶¢ 1000
  2. Referral: Anytime you refer someone to register you gets ¶¢100 immediately  (thats if you want to, its not compulsory to refer). Then anytime the person upgrade to premium using your link, you get ¶c 3000.
  3. Daily Login: you get ¶¢ 50 everyday just for logging in to your account on
  4. Social share: you get ¶¢ 10 for each posts share(s) to Facebook, What’s app status & more!
  5. Click share: Mostly called sponsored post it appears under your dashboard everyday and once clicked you get ¶¢ 50.
  6. Blogging: When you write an article/posts you get ¶¢ 100 you can write as much can but only one post gives you a earning daily.
  7. Reading/Viewing: When you open/view any kind of post/stories you get ¶¢ 10 as much as you can!
  8. Comments: When you drop your comments on those post viewed/read you get ¶¢ 15 you can do on many posts but only one can earn for u on a posts/story.
  9. Added Values: ¶¢ 15 when you follow a member, create a status post, or like other member status!

There are two wallet attached to every account which are namely; PACS & PARS wallets, Para Cents is a customized currency for PACS earnings with the symbol ¶¢, while PARS is US dollars with the symbol $ ..

Wallets & Currencies Symbols

  • PACS WALLET: Is where all earnings are recorded and it works with the symbol ¶¢ – namely “Para Cents” – this Currencies was created by us for better earnings conversion impact
  • PARS WALLET: Is used for withdrawals, it operates with the American currency ($ – US dollars).


There are two wallet attached to every account which are namely; PACS & PARS wallets

PACS: This is where every activities (except referral earnings) are stored and the wallet runs under the Para cent ¶¢ currency, the withdrawal is every 30th of every month and it immediately convert into your PARS wallet once your withdrawal request is processed and approved And so you are only eligible to withdraw between 100 (¶¢) Para Cent to unlimited every month.

Para Cent ¶¢ exchange rate differs it changes might rise and might low it depends on how much is made by the total from our advertising industry.

As of today, 22 -10-2020, 100 ¶¢ is equally $1.50… 

PARS:  This where you get your referral money/earnings and also your withdrawn PACS – from there is where you can withdraw your money to PayPal, and other money receipts companies/banks


Funds Disbursements: We PAY all eligible users every 21st for BOTH PACS AND PARS EARNINGS, through MUUPUS.COM.NG CRYPTO CURRENCIES Or PAYPAL.COM …


Frequently & mostly Asked Questions

Q1: Is referral compulsory?

Ans = Absolutely, a big NO!, You don’t need it.

Q2: How long does it take my money to arrive?

Ans = Immediately, you requested its sent, eveything is programmatically done!

Q3: How do you get funds to pay members? 

Ans = Recently, we realized having members join free of charge is the best decision to make since the more member we’ve the more OUR Income.

Having a registration fee would make a lot want fly away thinking we might rip off there money!