10 Years After He Named Genevieve Nnaji As The Best Kisser In Nollywood, Recent Photos Of Preacher Majid Michel Have Emerged


Romance in movies might be make-believe, but sometimes, actors are supposed to make the scenes believable to sway the emotions of the viewer.

That’s why some kissing scenes are done passionately, and those involved, savour every moment of it.

Ten years ago, when Ghanaian actor, Majid Michel, was asked which actress was the best kisser among all the actresses he has kissed in a movie, he mentioned none other than Genevieve Nnaji.

He made this revelation during an interview with famous Ghanaian TV host and satirist KSM. When asked the question, Majid had a good laugh, gave it a thought for a few seconds, before saying his answer.

Though he admitted his wife was watching and would kill for him, he, however, went ahead to say his truth.

Well, I will say, it is Genevieve Nnaji. God! She kissed me really well. She kissed me for me to feel that I was really kissing a sweet lip, and I enjoyed every bit of it!!” he revealed.

The duo had great chemistry on set and was such a great pair whenever they play scenes together. Many thought they could extend their onscreen romance beyond the silver screens but nothing of that sort happened.

Ten years down the lane, see how Majid, who is now a preacher, is looking in the photos below:

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