7 Things About Clem Ohameze All Fans Should Know


Prepare to be mind-boggled as you read about 7 things you probably didn’t know about Nollywood veteran, Clem Ohameze.

We know you are already doubting this as you feel you have a Ph.D. in all things Ohameze. Well, these seven facts on Clem Ohameze would amaze you.

  1. The most exciting time in Clem Ohameze’s life was when his wife’s water broke on the plane on the way to London to give birth to their daughter.
  2. He doesn’t believe there is sexual harassment in the Nollywood film industry.
  3. His first movie was in 1996 in the title was “Millionaires are Saints”.

4. He holds the record in the industry as the first and only artist whose first time on screen was in a lead role.

5. He doesn’t plan on ever giving up acting regardless of what may come his way.

6. Clem started growing grey hair at his temple when he was only 11 years old.

7. Both his children, Skye and Stephanie, were born in London.

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