AAUA notice on printing of e-code and exam pass



Posted by Dende on 9th March, 2021   |   Comments

This is to inform all concerned students that To participate in the examination, students should visit the ECODE Platform at https://t.co/z2NIqUY7O5 to download their examination pass and code before the examinations. Students are expected to login at the platform with their matric number and eportal username. Students who are yet to obtain their matric number can use their JAMB Registration Number.

Students who have printed exam pass without the list of courses highlighted on the printed slips should reprint their slips.

AAUA notice on printing of e-code and exam pass

Students who for ANY reason could not generate their pass and code on the ECODE Platform should meet designated ICTAC officials at the venue of the examination for possible assistance.



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