Abducted Zamfara students reunion with family turn bloody



One person has been confirmed dead and two others severely injured after military officers allegedly fired shots at the distressed parents of the 279 abducted students of Government Girls Junior Secondary School in Jangebe, Zamfara state.

The incident happened during the reunion ceremony held in honor of the abducted students on Wednesday, March 3, at the statehouse.

Abducted Zamfara students reunion with family turn bloody

According to reports, trouble started when parents who were anxiously waiting to reunite with their children became angry that the reunion ceremony was unnecessarily too long. They proceeded to hug their children thereby disrupting the ceremony.

The military allegedly fired the gunshots in the midst of the chaos killing one person. Two others sustained gunshot wounds, one of which is a boy who had come to the school with his father to reunite with his sister who was abducted by the bandits.

The state government nor security agents are yet to comment on the development.


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