ABSU student slumps and dies during a football match.


Ibeabuchi Marshall, a 200-level student of the Abia state university Uturu, has been confirmed dead after he slumped during a football match on Monday, February 22. 

The Medical Laboratory student, said to be the only son of his parents, was rushed to the university’s medical center where he died due to lack of medical care. 

ABSU student slumps and dies during a football match.

Eyewitnesses who spoke to newsmen accused the school medical personnel of being nonchalant in adjudicating their duties, which eventually led to the death of the student. Others alleged that the school’s ambulance was out of fuel to take the deceased to a standard hospital for medical attention.

The University’s SUG executives were said to have arrived at the scene, where the President; Comr Nwakanma John contacted his family and took the deceased student to a morgue.

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