Ajayi Crowther University online registration procedure for 2020/2021 session


This is to inform you all students of AJAYI Crowther University that the management has released the procedures for online registrations on their website.

See procedures below;

Ajayi Crowther University online registration procedure for 2020/2021 session

Step 1: Click here to get the list of Courses that you are expected to register for. https://acu.edu.ng/courses-for-registration-for-2020-2021-academic-session-first-semester/

Step 2: Visit the Student portal at https://acuoyo.net/acuonline/index.php, On the displayed page, supply your Matric Number as your username and password and click ‘Log me in’.

Step 3: Select the ‘Course Registration’ button.

Step 4: From the page that loads, select only the Courses that were listed for you to register in Step 1 above. If you did not see a list of courses to choose from, click on the ‘Select Course‘ to select your courses from the dropdown list of Courses. After you have selected all the Courses required, click the ‘Save’ button.

Step 5: Once satisfied with the selection of courses you have made and saved, select the ‘Finalize’ button, the Online Course will then be displayed.


Please ensure you sign at the appropriate places as shown on the manual Course Form approved by your Level/Course Adviser in and the printed online Course Registration Form.

Step 6. Make copies and submit to the appropriate offices as stated on the Course Form:


cc: Dean of Faculty

Head of Department

Academic Office

Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Unit


The last copy to be retained by student



Any student seeking Extra Credits should do the following:

Print out your Online Course Registration Form (CRF) up to the maximum 24 credits allowed.


Apply for the required Extra Credits at your Faculty through your Level/Course Adviser, to your H.O.D. and to your Dean with the correct Course Codes and Course Units.


Bring a copy of the letter of Permission to Register for extra Credits and attach the duly filled CRF to the ICT.



You can add Courses up to a maximum of Twenty-Four (24) credits.

If you have already registered less than the maximum of Twenty-Four (24) credits on your Course Form and you wish to add any course(s) to make it up to the maximum of Twenty-Four (24) credits, you will need to follow the Registration Procedure manual and online registration again.


To add extra credit(s) to the maximum Twenty-Four (24) already registered for, please follow the Registration Procedure for Extra Credit(s).


The maximum number of Credits that can be registered for in any semester, including Extra Credits, is Thirty (30).


You can delete a Course by selecting the ‘Select Course’ drop-down list under the list of courses you have saved and then clicking the ‘Drop Course’ button.


You can add other courses by selecting the ‘Select Course’ drop-down list at the bottom of the page, selection the course you want to add and then clicking the ‘Add Course’ button.

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