APC youth leader proudly flaunts the two wives he married same day



The APC youth leader of Garki Ward, Hon. Babangida Sadiq Adamu, has proudly showed off his two new wives to the world as he updates his Facebook profile with their wedding photos.

APC youth leader proudly

It was earlier reported that Adamu married two women named Malama Maimuna Mahmud and Malama Maryam Muhammad Na’ibi on Saturday, March 6, in a beautiful ceremony.

The first wedding fatiha took place at Kado Bmiko Juma’at Mosque, beside Kado Bmiko Primary School, 1st Avenue Gwarinpa at 10:00am.

APC youth leader proudly

The second wedding was held at Garki Village Central Mosque, Garki II Abuja at 1:30pm. A grand wedding reception was held at Apo Resettlement Town Hall, Abuja.

The political leader has now taken to Facebook to use their wedding photos as his profile picture, cover photo and also updated his marital status.

See his Facebook update below,


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