ATBU SUG notice to students living in school hostels



Posted by Dende on 8th March, 2021   |   Comments

The leadership of Hall Executives Council (HE.C) wishes to call the attention of the students on the use of gas cylinders, hot plates, ring boilers, tempering of light (in the name of repair), and washing in front of the hostel rooms are prohibited in the hostels, among many other prohibitions as stated in the hostel clearance form attached with our signatories to be bind by law of the school.

And in the light of this, we should all note that, VIOLATION of any rule and regulation will lead to losing the bed space, and/or disciplinary action will be enacted upon any student that is being caught.

ATBU SUG notice to students living in school hostels

We urge all students to avoid all prohibitions and should have maximum understanding/respect with their hostel Staffs/Executives,

Thank you.


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