Atedo Peterside Slams The Federal Government Over Favoritism In Importation And Exportation Of Goods (Photo)


Atedo Peterside a popular Nigerian Entrepreneur has voiced out on favoritism in Nigerian exportation and importation.

According to him, not just anybody is being given the opportunity to indulge in importation and exportation of goods but some people like Dangote are always allowed to have his way through.

He complained about the unfair treatment of the Nigerians by the government on his Twitter handle  which pulled mixed reactions from his followers,

Nigerians supported his arguments and considered it the truth that needs to be dealt with.

His tweet read:

‘Allowing legitimate exporters & importers to move their goods across the border should be a no-brainer. Why refuse everybody else & allow only one company (Dangote)? This is why some of us argue that the Nigerian economy is rigged in favor of a handful of well-connected persons”

See screenshot below:

The Nigerian economy is rigged in favour of a handful of well-connected persons - Atedo Peterside kicks as FG reopens border only for Dangote

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