”Beg For Wisdom Not Money” – Reno Omokri Blasts Lady Who Asked Him For Money


Reno Omokri has unleashed venom on a social media user who begged him for money to fix human hair.

The activist and author have been educating the masses on Twitter about how they can easily become entrepreneurs should they end the lavish style and social media self-made millionaires.

According to Reno Omokri, the expensive phones, shoes, clothes and money spend to attend some occasions could be useful to transform the living of these same people who cry and beg for money.

The lady identified as @coco_hawtt replied to Reno Omokri’s post that he warned people who come into his DM to ask for money when the cost of their artificial hair can cover his one-year electric bill. He stressed that God sent him to help poor people and not the people who make poor choices.

The display picture of the lady, @coco_hawtt depict someone who has everything to herself and lives a very comfortable life. That may have infuriated Reno Omokri to reply her that way.

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