Bobrisky Overdresses; He Wears Winter Clothes in A Country Where It Doesn’t Snow


Love or hate him, Bobrisky is great when it comes to his career as the best crossdresser in the country and probably the entire world.

A photo has been captured of him on his Instagram glowing in serene beauty. He went all black in this photo. He had dark spectacles on his bubbly face, top fluffy blouse and trousers. His shoes though not captured fully in this photo looked so long like he was in winter boots.

He might have cropped the lower part of the shoes in order to avoid any ridicule from his fans. He looked great but overdressed in this photo. His fashion style in this photo looked like we are in the winter season when we live in the tropics where it never snows.

Found behind the scene in this ‘overdressed’ shot is one of his cars. His white Range Rover.

These are some of the comments that he received on this photo



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