Boy whose mother begged Bobrisky to help him, embraces crossdressing, threatens to bring James Brown down



The young Nigerian man whose mother begged Bobrisky to help him after he tattooed the crossdresser on his arm, is now a proud crossdresser.

The young man identified as Yebedo1 on Instagram has re-introduced himself as the princess of Nigeria, and vows to bring down his senior colleague, James Brown who originally held the title.

According to him, he’s ready to follow the steps of Bobrisky to become successful in his chosen career.

In his words,

“If Being Like @bobrisky222 Will Make A Way For Me. Darlings, I’m Fucking Ready To Take All The Steps Mother Took. I’m Ready To Risk Everything Mother Risked To Become Successful Woman.

I’m Now The Princess Of Nigeria, Mrs Universe. Princess Don’t Make Noises Unlike The China Phone We Have Here In Nigeria. I Remain Myself @yebedo1 The First Daughter Of The Queen Mother @bobrisky222 Gold Bless Nigeria ❤️❤️❤️”.

Throwing an obvious shade at James Brown, he said,

“If you’re out there and you call yourself the Princess of Nigeria, darling you are Prince. This is the real Princess, I have come, I have come, I’m gonna bring you down”.

Watch video below,

Recall that Yebedo’s mum went viral days ago after a video of her which captured the moment she expressed her excitement that her son tattooed Bobrisky’s face on his hand.

In the viral video she went as far as calling Bobrisky ”Ma” as she pleaded with the crossdresser to help her son.

“Hey Bobrisky, Good morning ma. Please, my son will come with you ooo….Please help my son ooo…My son draw you on his hand. God will bless you ma, mama. Long life and prosperity ma. ” She said.

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