Bride receives wrapped cutlass as a wedding gift


A family has expressed concern after their daughter was gifted a wrapped cutlass as a wedding gift.

The bride’s sister took to her Twitter page to reveal that a wedding guest wrapped a cutlass and gave to her sister as a gift at her wedding.

She wrote ;

“Why would someone give my sister a wrapped cutlass as a wedding gift?”

See some reactions below ;

SoniaUzoma wrote ;

I think it’s best to return it to the person if you know who he/she is. If you can’t, just throw it away

Vicfori wrote ;

Don’t just see it as ordinary ooo, find out about it fight it. Ogun servers are unforgiving set of people

Bobby wrote ;

It’s very deep…the person really get reason. E no want make ur sister make d mistake when s/he make.

The person Dey solve problem down.

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