Bright Otoo Lists Top Three Tribes Ladies Should Date Their Men: Fante And Ashanti Out


Ghanaian broadcaster, Bridget Otoo, has sent a strong advised to ladies who are single and intend to find love or settle down with a man.

The communication specialist in her opinion and maybe ’experience in dating’ has listed three tribes ladies shop date their men. According to Bridget Otoo, Ghanaian ladies should first consider men from the Northern region that we normally call them northerners, before considering men from the Volta region, an Ewe man.

She then added Ga men to it in case the women do not get their favourite from the Northern region and the Volta region, they should settle last on Greater Accra.

She stressed that though she is a Fante from the Central Region of Ghana but she will never advise any woman to date a Fante man.

Meanwhile, Ghanaian have tribes like the Ashantis, The Fantes, Akyem, etc but Bridget Otoo only listed three amongst the many.

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