Buhari Provokes Angry Reactions After Blocking Comments On Twitter Handle


President Muhammadu Buhari has provoked some Nigerians after blocking replies to a tweet on his personal Twitter account.

The tweet was about the discovery of a coronavirus vaccine said to have recorded more than 90% effectiveness after undergoing clinical trials.

The announcement of the vaccine, which was developed by Pfizer and Biontech, had stirred excitement across the globe.

President Buhari took to his Twitter page on Tuesday to share his excitement and called for equitable distribution of the vaccine.

“I welcome the news that a Coronavirus vaccine has recorded 90% effectiveness in clinical trials. This is a major milestone. The world must now make great effort to facilitate equitable access and distribution of these vaccines, to protect people in ALL countries,” he had said.

While the tweet has generated over 3,200 likes and 850 retweets within few hours, it was observed that the handlers of the president’s page had disabled comments on it. A notice below the tweet read that only “People @MBuhari mentioned can reply.”

Twitter had introduced the moderation tool in May, 2020, to allow users control trolls, irrelevant, insulting or disagreeable comments on their posts.

But despite blocking comments on the tweet, some Nigerians used the “quote tweet” option to respond to Buhari’s tweet. A ‘quote tweet’ allows Twitter users to share others’ tweets with a comment.

While some criticized the president for blocking citizens from commenting on his post, others said the federal government lacked morale standing to request “equitable distribution” of the vaccine when it did not contribute to its the research. Below are some the comments.

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