Cobhams Asuquo marks 40th birthday, postpones celebration over COVID


Visually impaired singer and music producer, Cobhams Asuquo, is celebrating his 40th birthday on Wednesday, January 6.

Cobhams marks

The highly respected artiste took to his Twitter and Instagram pages to pen an heartfelt message about his journey to his 40th year on earth.

Cobhams stated clearly that at 40, he does not have much cause to regret as he feels fortunate and blessed. He also noted that all his life, he has been counted among the lucky few and has learnt not to apologize for the lord’s favour in his life.

The legendary instrumentalist also revealed that he has postponed his birthday celebration because of the coronavirus pandemic.

He wrote,

“Today, I turn 40! I feel very fortunate and blessed. I don’t have much to regret. All my life, I’ve been counted among the lucky few. I’ve learned that I don’t need to apologize for God’s favor in my life; so I embrace my new age and all the blessings that follow. God has already given me an early gift so if you wish to send gifts, please reconsider and send money instead. Pls DM for my account number! 😁. Otherwise, your best wishes will do. Pls we are not turning up o. There is COVID! We will turn up in September. Meanwhile, happy birthday to me!!!!!! 🍾😄.”

See his below,

Cobhams marks

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