College of Education, Lanlate notice to staff and students


Vek Tor on 10th November, 2020   |  

The Governing Council of the College of Education, Lanlate has released an important announcement to both staff and students. The Governing Council at its emergency meeting held on Tuesday 10th November resolved as follows:

1. The Governing Council recognizes the need to attend to students and staff needs and would leave no stone unturned to attend to them. 

College of Education, Lanlate notice to staff and students

2. Council appreciates the concerns of the students and as promised would attend to their complaints.

3. Against the background of the issues and complaints registered by the students, the staff, and the community, two investigative panels to look into the complaints have been put in place and all staff and students are to cooperate with the panels. C

4. Council has appointed Mr. Falade as the Acting Provost and Mr. Ogundele as the Director of Students Affairs with immediate effect.

5. To allow the panels to work and to allow for resolution of some of the problems, the college will be shut down with effect from Wednesday 11th November 2020. 

6. Council desires to see the College a new lease as it works with the Unions to solve our problems. Please note that this memo supersedes the earlier one.

Thank you.

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