Cynthia Morgan Calls Her Mother “A Fool” As She Claims, “Family Is The Root Of All Evil”



Cynthia Morgan has taken to social media to call out her family members, calling her mother a “fool.”

According to the singer, the root of all evil is not money as people say, but it is rather family.

Cynthia was reacting to a tweet from actor, Uti Nwachukwu, who had tweeted about how important family should be to people and how no one should turn their backs on family especially because of love.

The singer, who seems to have a bad relationship with her family members and family seems to mean nothing to her, however, disagreed.

Family is the root of all evil… Especially when you have step-siblings and your mother is a fool“, she tweeted.

Whatever is going on with the singer and her family seems to be that bad enough for her to come on social media to call them out even to the extent of publicly insulting her mother.

Find her tweet below…..



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