FACT CHECK!! Barry Jhay’s Record Label Boss, Kashy Godson’s Death



Yesterday Sunday 7, February 2020, it was reported that singer Barry Jhay’s record label boss Kashy Godson committed suicide by jumping from his house balcony in Ghana.

According to report, the deceased has been battling depression for some time, following his arrest by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) in June, 2020, for alleged involvement in internet fraud (Yahoo Yahoo).

Some hours later after his death, a video surfaced the internet, which shows how singer Barry Jhay and his record label boss, Kachy(the deceased), were involved in a serious fight, before his alleged suicide.

A moment later, an INSIDER gave alleged details surrounding Kachy’s death. How he was alleged threatened by his Artiste (Barry Jhay), how some mobile police or Cultists allegedly came after him and with fear, he jumped the house balcony and died at the spot.

Same yesterday, singer Barry Jhay was reportedly arrested in Ghana in connection to the death of his label boss, Karshy. We also learnt that he has been released (unconfirmed).


But looking at photo evidences below, and the stories surrounding the whole incident, what do you think actually happened? SUICIDE or MURDER?

What could possibly made him jump off the balcony well dressed? Is something or anyone after him? Spiritual manipulation or drugs effects?

An anonymous claimed he was killed by Ghana boys perhaps fellow Yahoo boys over a failed transaction.


Well at this point, everyone is innocent, nobody is guilty until proven.


FACT CHECK!! Barry Jhay’s Record Label Boss, Kashy Godson’s Is Death – MURDER or SUICIDE?

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