Fans Increase Pressure On Chacha Eke To Leave Marriage If She Is Unhappy (SCREENSHOT)


Fans of Nigerian actress, Chacha Eke, are encouraging her to speak up and leave if she is unhappy in her marriage.

One user identified on Instagram as Raraavis for instance has observed that the actress looks a pale shadow of her former self.

The fan stated that Chacha was suddenly looking like an old woman who is obviously taking her marriage too seriously.

Raraavis made these observations known after the actress shared photos of herself with a husband on Instagram.

Here’s what she said;

Cha Cha looks really like an old woman I’m sorry I don’t mean to insult or upset you, I think you’re taking this marriage thing too serious, if he’s not making you happy leave him,see sweetheart,you are a Queen and the day you realize it I pray is not too late for you. Wake up I beg of you

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