“God Isn’t White, Stop Making Christianity White” – Bolanle Olukanni Sparks Controversy


Nigerian TV presenter, Bolanle Olukanni, has waded into the discussion of using a white man as a symbol of God.

In Africa especially, most people have come to believe that the while man is more human than us just because they think they are in the same race as God. Many Christian churches that use statues and symbols in their worship will always use a white man to represent God and a black man as satan or the devil.

No one has spoken against its crass racism because they think since it is against the black man it is okay some people believe.

The Television broadcaster said they should make Christianity white because Go is not white.

But the problem really did not start from today. It started from the very moment the white man brought Christianity to Africa, they were those the blacks saw first preaching the word of God. And they literally brought the “GOD” from their hometown so it is easy to believe God is a white race.

See a screenshot of her post below:


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