“Have All Your Kids Before Going For Surgery” – Actress Jennifer Obodo Warns


Celebrated Nigerian actress, Jennifer Obodo, has shown concern for her fellow ladies opting for cosmetic and plastic surgery to enhance their bodies, advising them to have all the children they want before undergoing the process.

Jennifer Obodo

The model who recently discussed the issue during an interview with Sun News has confessed to being a single lady despite the roles of a married woman which she portrays in most movies.

In her own words;

” I am 100 percent single. It is only when I play a role of a married woman that I wear wedding rings. So, coping with lonely, cold nights has not been easy oh because sometimes you need someone special to talk with or cuddle but the Lord have been my strength. I am yet to find true love. ”

Jennifer Obodo

Speaking further, Jennifer Obodo went ahead to express how much she loves her current body physique while pointing out that people who don’t like her assets should avoid her. She also noted that having a surgery when you have not given birth to any child is risky, therefore her colleagues should do the latter first.

“I love my body and I am confident about it. Whoever doesn’t like the boobs or ass like this should avoid me. I have all it takes; my height, beautiful smile, legs and complexion give me edge over others in the industry. For now, I can’t do any liposuction. Going under the knife when I haven’t given birth is just a waste of risk. I can’t go under the knife without birthing to all my kids first. I would also like to advise my colleagues;  if at all you want to do it, wait until after child birth then you can do all that,” she said.


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