“I don’t bleach or brighten my skin”



Former beauty queen, Anna Banner, has cleared the air on people’s misconception that she bleached her skin to achieve her fair complexion.

Anna Banner says

The mother of one stated that her skin is naturally fair and she doesn’t bleach or brighten her skin with any skincare product. She noted that she only uses glow kit to enhance her natural glow.

Anna Banner made the clarification on her Instagram story. However, she admitted that she has a lot of blemishes.

She wrote,

“Just to clear the air. I am naturally light skinned. The skin care products that I use are basically to enhance my glow. I do not bleach nor brighten my skin with any product. And yes, I have blemishes. Actually a lot on my back and arms.”

See her post below,

In other news, Anna Banner has taken to social media to share sultry photos of herself, in celebration of her 26th birthday.

The mother-of-one is turning 26 today, February 18, and has stormed the internet with jaw-dropping photos to the delight of her followers.

Sharing the photos, she wrote,



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