“I Started Star Boy Entertainment In My Living Room” – Wizkid



Nigerian musician, Wizkid, has revealed that he started his Starboy Entertainment Record Label in his living room with a couple of friends.

During an Instagram live session with his fans, he stated that when the record label started, they did not have enough financial support but, they were determined to go for what they wanted to achieve in the future.


Wizkid also disclosed that his record label was the first to start in Africa. He said the label consisted of only producers at the time but, he is grateful to his team for believing and trusting in his vision.


Wizkid said;

“I started that business (Starboy Entertainment) with my friends. We literally started it in my living room. We didn’t even have much. I can’t remember what we had altogether then. We decided to do a photoshoot the same day after we spoke about it and went for it because we were so determined.

That was the first time a record label would be starting in Africa. We just had producers on the label. I just want to thank my brothers for believing in me and trusting me enough”.


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