“I Wish To Find True Love” – Actress Praise Sam Ogan Cries Out


Praise Sam Ogan opened up on her love life in a recent interview that her utmost wish in her life currently is that she will find true love.

According to the busty Nollywood actress, she just started a new relationship with a man and for her, she is deeply immersed in their relationship. Adding that she does not know if she is the only woman in her man’s life.

Praise Sam Ogan

According to Sun News, Praise Sam Ogan said all she wants is to find ‘forever true love’ she was asked about what her expectations on Valentine’s Day were.

In her own words;

I just got into a new relationship, I don’t know his plan for us. Besides, I don’t if know if I am his only girlfriend yet (laughs).
I was born out of love and in love. That’s why, when I’m in love, I am focused 100%. I don’t cheat. If I’m here, I’m here. I’m very contented, loyal, faithful 100%. A good woman is a good woman until you make her feel stupid for being a good woman. When I move, even the gods can’t bring me back, except I want to.”

“This past Valentine’s Day, I wished for forever True Love. I also wanted more money in my account to take care of the less privileges through my NGO: Dreams Without Obstacles Foundation.

Funnily enough, that day, I saw some couples having a romantic Val moment. I didn’t feel bothered; it is their turn, so let them enjoy. I am coming with a bang.

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