Ignatius Ajuru University of education academic calender for 2020/2021 session


This is to inform the general public, students, and the University community that the management of Ignatius Ajuru University of Education has released the academic calendar for the 2020/2021 academic session as follows: 


Ignatius Ajuru University of education academic calender for 2020/2021 session
  1. Registration begins for 2020/2021 session for fresh students        Mon. 1st Feb. 2021
  2. Resumption for  2020/2021 Session for Returning Students          Mon. 1st March, 2021
  3. Registration begins for Returning Students                                    Mon. 1st March, 2021
  4. Teaching Practice begins for 300 level students (T.P group)          Mon. 8th March, 2021
  5. Lectures begin for returning Students(Non T.P group)                   Mon. 15th March, 2021
  6. Orientation for Fresh Students                            Mon. 22nd – 26th March, 2021(One week)
  7. SENATE MEETING                                                                           WED. 31ST MARCH, 2021
  8. Lectures begin for  fresh students                                                   Mon. 29th March 2021
  9. EASTER BREAK                                                                    FRI. 2ND – MON. 5TH APRIL, 2021

10.  Teaching Practice ends for300 level students(T.P group)               Fri. 15th April, 2021

11.  Lectures begin for 300 level students(T.P group)                           Mon. 19th April,  2021

12.  SENATE MEETING                                                                           WED. 28TH APRIL,  2021

13.  Registration ends for fresh students                                               Fri. 14th May, 2021

14.  SENATE MEETING                                                                           WED. 26TH MAY,  2021

15.  Registration ends for returning students                                        Fri. 28th May, 2021

16.  MATRICULATION CEREMONY                                                        SAT. 29TH MAY, 2021

17.  First semester Exam begins for 200 level  students                        Mon. 7th June, 2021

18.  First semester Exam ends for 200 level  students                           Fri. 11  June, 2021

19.  First semester Exam begins for 300 level  students (Non T.P group) Mon. 7th June, 2021

20.  First semester Exam ends for 300 level  students (Non T.P group) Fri. 11th    June, 2021

21.  First semester Exam begins for 400 level  students                        Mon. 14th June, 2021

22.  First semester Exam ends for 400 level  students                           Fri. 18th  June, 2021

23.  First semester Exam begins for 100 level  students                        Mon. 21st  June, 2021

24.  First semester Exam ends for 100 level  students                           Fri. 25th  June, 2021

25.  First semester Exam begins for 300 level  students(T.P group)      Mon. 28th June, 2021

26.  First semester Exam ends for 300 level  students   (T.P group)      Fri. 2nd   July, 2021






27.  Second Semester lectures begin for 200 level students                 Mon. 28th June, 2021

28.  SENATE MEETING                                                                           WED. 30TH JUNE, 2021

29.  Second Semester lectures begin for 100 level students                 Mon. 5th July, 2021

30.  Second Semester lectures begin for 300 & 400 level students

 (Non T.P group)                                                                               Mon.12th July, 2021      

31.  T.P begins for 400 level Education Students(T.P group)                 Mon. 12th July,2021

32.  SENATE MEETING                                                                           WED. 28TH JULY, 2021

33.  T.P ends for 400 level Education Students.(T.P group)                   Fri. 20th Aug., 2021

34.  CONVOCATION WEEK                                                        SUN 22ND – SAT. 28TH AUG. 2021

35.  SENATE MEETING                                                                           WED. 25TH AUG, 2021

36.  STUDENT UNION WEEK                                                      SUN. 29TH – SAT. 4TH SEPT. 2021

37.  Second Semester lectures begin for Education students                                                           (T.P group)                                                                                                          Mon. 30th Aug., 2021

38.  Second semester Exam begins for 200 level  students                   Mon. 6th Sept., 2021

39.  Second semester Exam ends for 200 level  students                      Fri. 10  Sept., 2021

40.  Second semester Exam begins for 100 level  students                   Mon. 20th   Sept., 2021

41.  Second semester Exam ends for 100 level  students                      Fri. 24th  Sept., 2021

42.  Second semester Exam begins for 300 and 400 level Students                                                  (Non T.P)                                                                                       Mon. 27th Sept., 2021

43.  Second semester Exam ends for 300 and 400 level Students                                                                ( Non T.P)                                                                                           Mon. 27th Sept., 2021

44.  SENATE MEETING                                                                           WED. 29TH SEPT., 2021

45.  SEWES begins for SEWES group:                                                     Mon. 4th Oct. 2021

46.  SENATE MEETING                                                                           WED. 27TH OCT., 2021

47.  Second Semester lectures end for 400 level T.P group)                 Fri. 12th Nov., 2021

48.  Second Semester exam begins for 400 level T.P group)                 Mon. 15th Nov., 2021

49.  Second Semester exam ends for 400 level T.P group)                    Fri. 19th Nov., 2021

50.  SENATE MEETING                                                                           WED. 24TH NOV., 2021

51.  Resumption for 2021/2022 Session                                                 Mon. 29th Nov. 2021

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