Influencer, Mazi Ibe gets PS5, other gifts worth N1M as birthday presents from wife (Video)


Popular Twitter influencer, Mazi Ibe has received a brand new PS5 and other gift items worth almost a million naira from his wife, Adaugo, on his birthday.

Mazi Ibe gets PS5

Adaugo went all out for the father of her two children as she planned the birthday surprise package and had him unveil the items slowly.

Mazi Ibe gets PS5

In the three-layered gift boxes labelled after her husband’s first name “Ibe”, items like a bottle of Martinez, two outfits, a pair of shoes, cookies, chocolates, etc, were beautifully packaged.

The celebrant carefully opened the boxes and unraveled the gift items. However, the last and biggest box caught the influencer by surprise as it contained the dream video game of every young man, a brand new Play station 5.

Mazi Ibe gets PS5

Mazi Ibe was overwhelmed with excitement as he laid on the PS5 for some seconds before he finally gave his wife a warm hug for the thoughtful birthday gifts.

Adaugo took to her Twitter page to share the video of her husband unwrapping the gifts and wrote, “Happy birthday baby ❤️❤️.”

Watch the video below,

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