“Is Marriage Fufu?” – Uche Maduagwu Mocks Actresses Who Are Over 30 Years And Unmarried


Uche Maduagwu has continued to be passionate about anything that has to do with relationships in Nollywood.

He is more protective of female celebrities who continuously face societal pressure to settle down.

In a post on Instagram, he claimed one beautiful actress broke down in uncontrollable tears in a movie location due to pressure on her to marry. He added this pressure is deeply rooted in Nollywood to the point that even the actors who do English movies face the same challenge.

In what he began a serious matter he later mocked these actresses by comparing marriage to a bowl of fufu that one has to eat by hook or crook in order to survive.  

98% of actresses who are above 30 and not married in #nollywood are depressed because of societal pressure to get #married just last night, a popular #yorubamovie actress broke down in tears on a #movie location in #lekki over this i wont mention name but she is fair in complexion and when i asked what the problem is she said she has been depressed for weeks now because of pressure to marry, she also said its the same depression her colleagues in english films face but they all try to use #makeup to cover it but the depression is massive. Honestly i am yet to see a popular #actress who is above thirty years and not married that is not going through #depression in this movie industry abeg is #marriage fufu?🤣#endsars

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