Kiddwaya’s fan buys him a cow as birthday gift (video)



Reality TV star, Kiddwaya has received a cow as birthday gift from a staunch fan who hails from Benue state.

Kiddwaya's fan buys

The former BBNaija housemate turned 28 on Friday, March 5, and was shown massive love by his fans. His named also trended in the Nigerian media space as birthday wishes poured in from different parts of the world.

In the wave of his birthday celebration, a loyal fan presented him with an unusual gift – a live cow.

Kiddwaya's fan buys

The billionaire’s son took to his Twitter page to brag about the gift and also appreciate his town’s man for the massive gesture

He tweeted, “Wahala for who no get fans to buy you full cow.”

Kiddwaya's fan buys

The Benue-born brand influencer also shared a video of the gift giver and the cow.

Watch the video below,


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