We Nigerians are definitely the problems and the causes of the problems we have in this country.

A country said to be built with so much love and adorned to be the frontline of the country but these days, we are the otherwise of what we seem to call ourselves.

NEWS of Suicide, killings, and others have become normal this like tale tellings. We are basically the ones creating problems for ourselves all in the quest to live.

Sequel to the recent killings, kidnapping, and so many crimes going on in the country, I just reminisced on what the cause of those deaths is.

The answers I arrived at are just basically 3 things; Government, Cultism, Religion

I couldn’t phantom which is more dreaded among those 3 things – My heart is really heavy as I write this. – I Just know we are the cause of our own problems.

However, I have decided to throw out the question to you all, let’s turn this question into a conversation. Let’s have a heart-to-heart conversation.

So Guys, Back to the basics 👇

Between Government, Religion, And Cultism – Which One Kills Nigerians The Most?

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