So I’ve been thinking about how this whole COVID-19 stuff has been one of the world’s biggest disaster with no cure till date and people keep dying like flies every day.

The annoying thing is that we read about it in the news but most of us don’t believe it in, and it’s sad because people die from it daily.

As for me thank God I’ve fulfilled my main purpose as a hustler as the COVID-19 isn’t restricting anything for me but ‘omo’ after the pandemic era I have loads of plans I would like to execute.

What I’m going to do next after this whole pandemic is over is to get married and have kids, whether the capital is much or not.

Being a man, I will surely buckle up my shoes as the bill rises.

I know a lot of people have planned out what and what to do when the pandemic is over.

So over to you guys;

LET’S TALK! What Are Your Plans After This Whole Pandemic?



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