Man finally graduates after spending 9 years in the university



A Nigerian man has taken to Twitter to share his joy as he finally graduates after spending 9 years in the university.

The latest university graduate identified as @yhem_hi on Twitter shared the chronological process of how his university education went.

According to him, he had his Pre-degree program for a year, 100 level for 2 years, 200 level for 2 years, 300 level for a year, 400 level for a year, and 500 level for 2 years, amounting to 9 years.

He tweeted,

“2013 – PD
2014 – 100LEVEL
2015 – 100LEVEL
2016 – 200LEVEL
2017 – 200LEVEL
2018 – 300LEVEL
2019 – 400LEVEL
2020 – 500LEVEL
2021 – 500LEVEL

Omo!!! What a journey! Today, I’m starting my fyb week! After a solid 9 years! No be say I fail o! Omooooooo!!!! I’m grateful! 🙏”

See his post below,

While congratulations trailed his post, many Nigerians seized the opportunity to criticize the Nigerian education system.

A Twitter user @_Emmanuelayo_ wrote, “Nigeria will not happen to you again In Jesus name”.

Another follower, @OlanariDonald took to the platform to share a similar experience, “Gained admission in 2013. Omo 8 years gone”. He tweeted.


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