“Marriage Is A Luxury And Not A Necessity” – Uche Maduagwu Advises Women To Be Fulfilled Before Thinking About Marriage


Uche Maduagwu has detailed some new statements about his perspective on marriage.

In the latest update on his Instagram page, Uche claimed marriage is a want and not a need in a person’s life. His focus, as usual, was on single women.

He added that God is not forcing us to marry and so women should keep their attention on things that will give them fulfilment in life and not things like marriage. He then likened marriage to the oxygen we breathe. He asked if it was that necessary who has died out of not being married as a woman.

Marriage is a luxury and not a necessity, being above 30 and not #married is not a sign of bad luck. #Dear single ladies, God did not make #marriage compulsory, society did so stop worrying over luxuries you can do away with and focus on things that will bring you fulfilment and #happiness or is marriage oxygen? 🤣#share

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