Moment house is lifted and moved to new location in the US (video/ photos)


A video trending online has showed the moment a 139-year-old Victorian house in San Francisco was lifted from its old address and moved to a new address.

It was gathered that On Sunday, February 21st, the historic building was loaded onto a truck and moved from 807 Franklin St. to 635 Fulton St, San Francisco.

Residents who were apparently in awe lined the streets to experience this unusual occurrence. Viral videos and photos showed the beautiful green house moving to its new location six blocks away, while hundreds of onlookers gathered to take photos and videos.

Phil Joy, a veteran house mover who oversaw the move, told the San Francisco Chronicle that moving the house, built in 1882, took several years to plan.

“We had to get 15 different city agencies to agree to this,” Joy said.

According to report by the publication, Tim Brown, a San Francisco broker who was the owner of the six-bedroom house, paid about $400,000 in moving costs and fees.

A 48-unit, eight story apartment complex will be built on the old site where the house used to sit, while the Englander house will be combined into a 17-unit building with an old mortuary next door at its new location.

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