Moment two University students fight dirty over sugar daddy (Video)



A video serving rounds on social media has captured the moment two female University students fight dirty over their sugar daddy.

It was gathered that the unnamed ladies were allegedly fighting over their older lover, a sugar daddy who sponsors their luxury lifestyle.

A fight ensued between them after one found out about the other. The two female student discovered that they were both in a relationship with the same man and this led to a physical battle.

In the viral video the ladies fought without boundaries as they also ripped each other’s clothes off while a man struggled to separate them.

Watch video below,

Meanwhile, a Nigerian Twitter user with the handle @papaya_ex has opined that having a sugar daddy is better than following small boys.

According to Abiike, the sugar daddies give good money and don’t stress people, but the “small small boys” give ‘chicken change’ and a lot of stress.

She tweeted;

“Make I no lie, Having a sugar daddy is better than following all these small small boys that gives chicken change, people wey no dey get strength to nack like that, they go give you better Kpa ontop but all these small boys chai, they go nack you tire come give you 9k for hair”.


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