MUSIC LOVERS!!! Between QDot’s “Moriamo” And 9Ice “Anytime



I literally cried listening to these 2 tracks after putting them on repeat.

2 of the best most emotional music of all time, 9ice’s Anytime and QDot’s Moriamo have taken a stance in the industry as the lyrics of the songs depict some part of the artiste’s past lifestyle.

As sweet as some of our memories are, there are definitely some of our memories that we would never want to go back to. We will never pray anyone goes through them again.

One of the best things to ever reduce the trauma left behind by these experiences is to live an advanced and enriched life and you can tell them comfortably. Your present should not still look like your past, it must be way better.

Although this is not a comparison post, it’s a post whose intention is to know which one is more emotional between the 2 tracks.

Let’s take a short tour by listening to both songs over again.

9ice – Anytime

In this track, 9ice reflects on his past as he talks about how hard life was for him while growing. He talks about how he grew up the hard way.

From the type of food, he always heats and how hard life was for him and his parent,

The main highlight was how and his mum would stay woke all night whenever it rains cause just at the drizzle of the rain alone, his whole house will be filled with water and they have to start packing it out of the house.

Listen below:-

QDot – Moriamo

Qdot Alagbe Album

in what we must call a bitter experience, QDot reminisces on how he also grew up and how he was born.

He talked about being raised by his grandma through thick and thin and how she always suffers to put food on their table despite the fact that he has a father.

He talks about how she got blind all in the name of putting food on the table for them to be happy and his experience on how she lied on the bed for 3 days before she became lifeless.

Listen below:-

So Guys, back to the basis Between QDot’s “Moriamo” And 9Ice “Anytime

Which One Gets You So Emotional?

Let’s hear from you

Drop your comments

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