Netizens Angrily React As Charley Boy Publicly Declares His Support For His Gay Daughter


Charley Boy has come under backlash after he took to his Instagram page to share his acceptance of his daughter’s sexuality.

Charley boy, who is an advocate for gays and lesbians right in Nigeria, shared that, he was however shocked when the daughter first declared her sexuality to him, 4 years ago.

He said he was devastated, wondering if his daughter was gay because he lent his support to LGTB rights in Nigeria.

“Is life playing tricks on me. Now my daughter is gay, why do I feel disappointed? Am I a hypocrite? How do I handle this bombshell? he wrote in the post.

But he said, after going through the emotional moments, he came to accept his daughter’s sexual status, and is grateful for the experience of having a homosexual child.

The message didn’t seem to sit well with some people as they picked up their moral compass and took to the comment section of the post to drag him for his public support of his gay daughter, condemning the act.

Others also showed him their support as, they believed it was not easy for Charly, as a dad, to accept his daughter the way she is.

See some reactions below:


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