Nigerian lady who started selling wigs out of her room opens big hair salon


A Nigerian lady, identified as Chioma Alexa, has taken to social media to show off her new hairdressing salon/ wig store after starting small.

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Chioma shared the massive upgrade she underwent within the space of few months. She used to operate her business and sell wigs out of her room, but has now opened her own wig studio.

The Enugu-based wigmaker warmed the hearts of social media users with the photos of her ‘How it started vs How its going’ which she shared on microblogging platform, Twitter.

In a post she shared in November 2020, Chioma had vowed to share photos of herself in her own studio, by the grace of God.

Fortunately, her dream has become a reality as she is now the proud owner of her own wig studio.

See her post below,

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