Pappy Kojo Confirms On TikTok That The ’Yi Wo Dross’ Song Influenced Teenage Pregnancy


Yi wo Dross” hitmaker, Pappy Kojo, has confirmed that he does songs which sometimes has a negative influence on youth who patronise them.

The Ghanaian hip hop and hiplife recording artiste released the single ”Yi Wo Dross” to wit ”Remove Your Pants” in 2018. The song became a nationwide hit and it was heard at every organized entertainment shows mostly in secondary schools and the tertiary institutions.

The song brought a street dance where many young guys and ladies were seen dancing while trying to put off their clothes. It was a similar dance action just like when, Patapaa released the One Corner.

However, in a TikTok video done and released by the musician himself, he confirms the song influenced the youths to engage themselves in pre-marital sxkz which resulted in teenage pregnancies. He said after the song was released, there were news reports that teens of twelve and thirteen years were getting pregnant and it was because they listened to the song and removed their panties.


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