”Please don’t insult anyone in my name” – Erica begs her fans


Reality TV star, Erica Nlewedim has sent a memo to her fans, detailing how she wants her online trolls and rivals handled from henceforth.

Erica begs

Erica took to Twitter to appeal to her fans popularly known as “Elites” not to insult anyone in her name anymore. In the past, her fans have been described as toxic because of how quick they are in trolling anyone who insults their ‘queen’.

The actress and model said she started this year on a negative note but doesn’t want it to continue like that.

Erica begs

She urged her fans to hold off on the fights and insults as she has grown thick skin and can handle any negativity that is thrown her way.

With a folded hand emoji, she pleaded with her fans to distant themselves from every form of negative energy.

Erica tweeted,

“Please don’t insult anyone in my name. This year started negative but it doesn’t have to continue being negative, if I get insulted by people it is now something I’m used to so please remove yourself from every negative energy.”

See her tweet below,

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