Reactions as kunu hawker embraces cashless policy, uses POS for transaction



A photo of a kunu hawker using POS for transactions has gone viral and stirred reactions on the internet.

In the viral photo the woman had a bucket which contained her goods, alongside a Point of Sale device (POS) which she uses for transaction for customers without cash.

Nigerians praised the Kunu hawker for being innovative after a photo of her was shared on the micro-blogging platform.

The Twitter user, and Abuja based Influencer, @UmehWrites who shared the photo which has since gone viral on the platform wrote, “I just saw a lady that hawks Kunu and uses POS. Nothing can stop a hardworking and innovative Nigerian.”

Reacting to the photo of the Kunu hawker with POS for cashless transactions, a Twitter user, @Olusegun_Peters wrote, “This woman has a fast forward mindset than even our government”.

@Ikman5, “Then what is stopping some businesses that have higher turnover than the kunu hawker from using POS?”

Talk2Abby_, “I love this woman’s approach, there’s no excuse for not making payment easier for your customers”.

@KcAkoma wrote,

“I don’t really know how pos works. But I’m assuming they collect charges for every transaction. So say she’s selling a bottle for #100. How much will be the charge on that, About 2%? How much is she making from each bottle”.


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