Taiwo Awoniyi: My goal is to play in Premier League With Liverpool


Nigerian striker Taiwo Awoniyi was on parade for his Club Union Berlin against Bayer Leverkusen in the German Bundesliga encounter on Friday.

Union Berlin striker, Taiwo Awoniyi has revealed that his priority remains with his parent club, Liverpool.

The Nigerian international has been a Liverpool player since 2015 when he joined the club, but work permit issues have seen him move out on loan seven times.

In an interview with World Soccer Magazine, Awoniyi stated that playing in the PreierLague has always been his dream.

“Liverpool will always be the priority for me and I am grateful to everyone at the club,” Awoniyi told World Soccer Magazine.

“I still don’t have the work permit to play in England.

“But with the new rules in place, and the minutes I have played in Germany this season, no one knows what the future will hold regarding the UK work permit.

“If I become eligible to play in the UK, I think I can have a say on what my decision will be.

“Things have changed remarkably with the new rules and this will certainly help me decide my next step.

“Liverpool is a very special club. They are always in contact to see how I am doing and to ensure I know that they are following my progress out here.

“It motivates me to know my parent club is following up and have my best interests at heart.

“Presently, I am still a Liverpool player until the last day of my contract, but no one knows what the future holds.

“My dream has always been to play in the Premier League and it’s why I signed for Liverpool.

“I still keep the dream alive but if leaving will facilitate it, why not?

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