TALK ZONE!! Why You Must Not Inherit Other People’s Enemies As A Sign Of LOYALTY (Burnaboy, Obagoal, CDQ)



On Monday evening on Twitter, Nigerian rapper, Sodiq Abubakar Yusuf, popularly known by his stage name CDQ, attacked music superstar, Burna Boy, for allegedly disrespecting former Super Eagles star, Obafemi Martins, also known as Obagoal

CDQ scolded Burna Boy for what he described as “disrespect” without mentioning what Burnaboy did to the football star Obafemi Martins.

He Tweeted,

“Burna for the first time I’m disappointed in u!!! U and ur boys need to go apologise to Obagoal now! No let dem dey deceive you wit ur village title say african gi-ant com dey disrespect Oba; Eko lonpe bi, Obafemi Martins is not anybody’s mate. If we dey cry make we dey see. U don’t disrespect anyone in my circle and I look d other way; no way,”.

Reacting to the incident, Obagoal said he didn’t appreciate that his name alongside that of the parties involved, was disgraced on social media.

He, however, stated that there was no physical engagement between him and Burna Boy. According to him, what transpired was a misunderstanding, which had been settled.

“I have been seeing a lot of allegations online and I don’t appreciate our names being disgraced like this. We had some misunderstanding a few nights ago but this issue has been resolved,” he said.

Meanwhile, on the night of March 1, CDQ was at the club when a confrontation ensued with Burna Boy’s camp, led by a guy named Richie. As the issue escalated, CDQ said he was stabbed by Burna Boy’s camp.

Upon hearing about CDQ’s maltreatment, his camp stormed the same club and a fresh fight ensued with Burna Boy’s camp. According to report, a few other people got injured in the process.

Late Robert Mugabe right pointed out, “The first sign of STUPIDITY is inheriting other people’s enemies as a sign of LOYALTY”.

CDQ is the fool here. Why turning himself to Obafemi’s spokesman. Now he has been injured, his master Obagoal had disclaimed and debunked the allegations and rumours. WHAT NEXT? Case closed!

So you see…We should be careful on how we carry another person matter for head like Gala in the name of loyalty. At the end, you’d be left alone. Those of you political thugs should learn from this too!

I drop pen here.✍🏿

What’s your take on this? Let’s hear from you all.

Why You Must Not Inherit Other People’s Enemies As A Sign Of LOYALTY (Burnaboy, Obagoal, CDQ)

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