The safest investments on Earth are real estate and agriculture -Reno Omokri


Finding the right venture to invest your money in is a big hurdle when you don’t get relevant advice.

Former Presidential aid, Reno Omokri has advised his fans that if they want the safest investment to make, they should try Agriculture or Real Estates.

He weighted these tow against major alternatives but they still stood out tall. H wrote on his Instgram page:

The safest investments on Earth are real estate and agriculture. Shares rise and fall. Bank fixed deposits can be wiped out by inflation. Business collapse. But as long as birth rates supersede death rates, demand for housing and food will always increase. More people become rich through real estate than through any other venture. Research it. If you are over 40, and you don’t own your home. But you still follow fashion. And still buy the latest phones, you may not have real estate, but you are definitely a real fool

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