This Is Ned Nwoko’s Most Loved Child of All His Over 7 Children With Many Wives


Respectable lawyer, Ned Nwoko, has been the husband and father that a lot of people wish they have.

He is excellent in his career and family life. His religion and tradition allow him to multiple women. He has fathered many children with his wives. He has beautiful sons and daughters that any responsible father like him will boast to his friends about.

Not to cause confusion among his children and his wives, from our analysis one of his children is the most adored by him. The reason for coming out with this analysis will be buttressed eventually by a key point at the end of this analysis.

His only child who fully bares his full name is his son with Regina Daniels, Munir Neji Ned Nwoko.

For a father to put his full name on a son who comes after several senior step-brothers mean a lot to the dad. This is a testament that of all his children Regina Daniels’ son, Prince Munir Neji Ned Nwoko is his favourite because of the way he named him after himself.

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