Vital information: if you want to earn big on read up!


Hello great pusite! We humbly appreciate that you are still with us and for this reason we want to be mean this time that we come back .

We want you all to earn ;

  • Earn what we can pay,
  • Cashout every 21st of the month,
  • Make referral not compulsory to cashout,
  • Set a minimal cashout for activities and referral earnings,
  • Set a Re-occuring fee after payment delivery to your MUULAPUS OR PAYPAL.
  • GO Viral, extend to other African Nations and world with US DOLLAR currency adaptability.

So, forth the month June running out already and we statistically find out that you are earning slowly in activities earnings , this is why we’ve now MADE COMPULSORY for all activities earners to write a POST at least one per day and the post MUST Not BE

  • Unique: What some on PALMPUS has already written,
  • Informative: Must Have adequate information/useful, funny, or interesting,
  • Sensible: Must have something meaningful related,
  • 3 W’s : Must contains who, where,when! the stories happened (no false news/articles will be acknowledged)

Earnings You’ll Get for each post written is $0.15 (us-dollars), its added to your activities balance immediately and you can write unlimited news.

To write a post kindly open the site menu and click on the down arrow or use these link